Lagoped won ISPO Gold Award for their very first collection

Lagoped's founder Christophe Cordonnier and Tekosom's Anna Soltysek.

Lagoped’s founder Christophe Cordonnier and Tekosom’s Anna Soltysek.

The French mountain wear brand Lagoped was awarded a gold medal at ISPO, the world’s largest outdoors show in Münich, in early 2019. Lagoped was founded only two years ago and from the very start chose Tekosom as manufacturing and development partner.

We got a chat with Lagoped’s founder Christophe Cordonnier over the phone.

Gongrats! How does it feel to win a ISPO Gold Award?

– Thanks, It feels great. The award is a superb recognition for all partners in this project. For Lagoped staff, but also for Tekosom, with whom we have worked very closely and for Sympatex, the German company that made the fabric. This certainly proves that we are on the right track.

The awarded EVE Jacket and SUPA Pant.

The awarded EVE Jacket and SUPA Pant.

What is the essence of Lagoped

– I started the company together with people who are as passionate mountain people as myself. We love skiing, climbing and hiking in the mountains and we in fact met there. This is why we chose a typical mountain bird – the ptarmigan (lagoped in French) which is found only in cold or alpine areas – as our symbol. The idea was to develop and produce garments which symbolize all the values of freedom you find in mountain life – the stuff which we didn’t find on the market.

– We decided only to use recycled fabrics without endocrine disruptors, and to produce in Europe, instead of in Asia. These criteria give the brand its DNA. We want our products to  leave the least ecological footprint possible, and we also find it important that the production is sustainable for the workforce.

Tell us about the garments that were awarded

– Well, we got the award for our EVE Jacket and SUPA Pant. Both are constructed with three layers of laminated fabric with Sympatex membrane on top. They stop wind and are waterproof, yet breathable and able to transport humidity to keep you dry. They also have vent zips.

– The style is designed in collaboration with haute couture people in Paris and Japan. This is our first collection. We started testing it in last April and by now it is out on the market. We have received great feedback and we already equip mountain guide companies in Tignes and Val d’Isère in the French Alps.

What made you choose Tekosom as manufacturer?

– I got to meet with Tekosom’s CEO Ewelina Radomska in our very small booth in Münich last year. Representing a small startup I felt like a stranger at the huge fair, but Ewelina was genuinely interested and very helpful. In order to develop products like ours you need a team that works well together and has great knowledge and competence. That was exactly what we found at Tekosom. They are very constructive and have always pushed the project forward.

You won a gold for your first collection. Does that mean that you can lean back – with nothing left to prove?

– I wouldn’t say that. If you are in music you don’t want to be a one hit wonder. We feel the same. For sure we got a super start, but now we have a lot to live up to. We will keep on working hard. Our journey has just started, and Tekosom will continue to be an important part of it.

”A fantastic journey”

A year ago Tekosom’s CEO Ewelina Radomska could not dream of this outcome of the project with Lagoped.

– Then I met a man with a vision, but that was all. It’s amazing that Christophe has been able to accomplish all this in such a short time. I’m proud of him, as well as I’m proud of my team headed by key account manager Anna Soltysek.

– Christophe is not only visionary, he is also extremely well organised and open minded. Together with him and Lagoped we have had a fantastic journey. It will be so interesting to see what lies ahead. I know that Christophe is busy working on new ideas and I’m sure his company will continue to grow, says Ewelina.