Ewelina Radomska is Tekosom’s new CEO

Ewelina Radomska has been appointed new CEO of Tekosom. Ewelina will take over after Michael Johansson who continuously will play an important role as chairman of the board and active owner.

– I will focus on developing new business. I feel that there is a lot going on on the market and I am convinced that it is to the best for the company if I concentrate on creating new contacts that can generate business.

– My decision was a lot easier since I have seen Ewelina develop during the last few years. I feel totally confident in that she will do a great job as Tekosom’s new CEO.

Ewelina Radomska has a master degree from the University of Gdansk. Just recently she also completed her post graduate studies in International Business and Economics.

Ewelina has been at Tekosom for seven years. The last years as Key Account Manager.

– I feel very honored, excited and happy to be Tekosom’s new CEO. It is a big confidence Michael has put on me, and I have to admit there is some amount of stress involved in my feeling. But I assure you I will work hard to fill my new role, and to make my ideas for Tekosom come true.

Which are those ideas?

– First of all my goal is to make the company grow and attract more customers on the international market. In the years ahead Tekosom will be more visible during industry fairs and other events.

– But in order to reach that goal we also need to make som internal changes both to the premises and organization. Tekosom makes brand shine, and we also need to shine a bit more locally and in Poland. We need to be known as an interesting company and good employer in order to attract skilled personel.

How will Tekosom’s customers notice that the company has a new CEO?

– Not so much initially. I will work hard to maintain the good relations we have with our customers. Soon those who come to visit us will notice that some modernizations are being made. And I think they will be pleased to hear that we will initiate a process to get more control over stock and materials as well as being faster to handle questions from customers. I also plan to expand the pattern department in order to handle pattern assignments faster.

What do you like do do when you do not work?

– I love to spend time with my family and my eight year old daughter. I like outdoor activities like jogging, but I also read a lot. And I love to travel. One of the great parts with this job is that I get to travel.

New Key Account Manager after Ewelina Radomska is Anna Soltysek.