Meet Tekosom’s CEO


He has been operative in Tekosom since the company was started 26 years ago. He lives in the town of Kalmar on the southeast coast of Sweden. That is when he is not travelling.
He is also devoted to a sport that makes him just about as fast as you can get without an engine.
Meet Tekosoms CEO Michael Johansson.

What is the best part of your job?

– To se my personel develop and grow with responsibility. To see how they meet new challenges with growing confidence. That’s really amazing. I’m so proud of Tekosoms dreamteam. I can see so many individuals with great potential.
I’ve got a fantastic team of excecutives and as the years have passed I’ve felt more and more unburdened. That is a privilege.

– Moreover I’m so very prod of our cleaver seamstresses. Without their amazing job we wouldn’t be able to keep our high quality standards. Over the years the seamstresses have been handpicked to fit into the team. And they have really met our expectations. Im so impressed with their energy.

How would you describe your role at Tekosom?

– On one hand I’m kind of a fire extinguisher. If a situation, or a problem, emerge I have to get there and solve it. Forthermore I’m ultimately responsible for our customer relationships. Those are extremely important. We have fantastic clients, så that’s a capacity i’m very comfortable with. Among our clients there are people I count as personal friends.

How do you anticipate the future for Tekosom?

– We have great goals ahead. We aim to expand with the number of customers. But the important thing is to expand without compromising with quality. Our personel gets continous training in order to match up with our customers high demands.

Does that mean that you plan to recruit more personel?

– Yes. We’ve been trying to do that for some time, but it hasn’t been easy. That is why we are about to hire a recruitment coach with responsibility to recruit, coach and educate new seamstresses. This coach will focus on teaching only the skills that are nessecary for the task assignment each one will have. Then we will let them broaden their knowledge successively.

You travel a lot. Do you never get tired of that?

– There’s a lot of it for sure. Iv’e almost got a punch ticket on the ferry between Sweden and Poland. I also spend a lot of time in England and Germany – and several other europeean countries.
– But you get used to it. Travelling is unavoidable in my position.

What do you like do do when you have time off?

– Spend time with my family of course. I also have a great passion for windsurfing. I took up competing eight years ago. This summer I will participate in the world championships in Formula Windsurfing.

Formula Windsurfing. What is that?

– It is the high-performance, competitive course-racing format of windsurfing. We use fast boards and large sails. A formula windsurfer can reach speeds far over 30 knots.