Eight Questions to Dr. Marita Kayser of W. L. Gore & Associates


For a long time Tekosom has played an important role as a development partner to W. L. Gore & Associates.
We asked Dr. Marita Kayser, one of the directors at W. L. Gore to give us her views on their relationship with Tekosom. 

1. For how long have you been cooperating with Tekosom?
– Since 1995. So it is more than two decades by now.

2. Could you describe your relationship?
– I would say we have a professional, constructive, open minded, friendly, reliable partnership.

3. Why did you choose Tekosom?
– The main reason was that brands working with us where choosing Tekosöm.

4. Which aspects do you find most important when you seek a manufacturer or development partner?
– As I said earlier we need our partners to be professional, constructive, open minded and reliable. Other important factors are that they use state of the art equipment and show a pro-active technology investment strategy. Manufacturing and order size flexibility is also very important and of course good communication skills and engaged, dedicated and competent team. Finally they muyst be able to offer not only mass-production but also development garments and all related services from sketch to ready garments.

5. How do you feel that Tekosom has met those demands?
– With bravos

6. What is your opinion of Tekosom as a business partner?
– A high level of trust and business ethics.

7. Which qualities do you appreciate most about Tekosom?
– The professional, open, flexible and reliable cooperation with the company and each single team member.

8. Would you like to add anything else?
– It is a pleasure to work with Tekosöm. I wish them all the best for the future.